According to Health Canada, currently around 1,900 kilos of dried cannabis (what we would call cannabis leaf) and 2,100 kilos of cannabis oil are sold every month in Canada and growers have stocks of around 25,000 kilos of dried cannabis and 6,000 kilos of cannabis oil.

According to a Deloitte 2016 study looking at the potential market size for Canadian cannabis consumption, the Canadian marketplace could start at $5 billion of sales per year (which is about the same size as the spirits market) and possibly as high as $8.7 billion a year (which is the size of the wine market in Canada). Some analysts have even suggested the market could be as big as $20 billion a year. Even at the lower end of estimates, Canadian recreational cannabis users are expected to consume 600,000 kilos of cannabis in the first 12 months after legalisation.